14 days until the start…training ride in Holliser, CA

Click on the “Relive” link, below, which will take you to a separate web page to see an animated video of my Hollister ride with embedded pics!

Jo and I had a blast riding in the Hollister Hills.  It was a spectacular day, despite the 25 mph headwind we encountered on the way back!  Good thing Jo is a strong rider, in fact the strongest and most generous rider I have every known and towed me all the way back!  Love her!  Towing is when a cyclist rides in front and blocks the wind for a rider behind.

Relive ‘Hollister Heaven’


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One week to go!  I am ready.  Ready to ride, that is.  I’m feeling strong and comfortable in the saddle, ready for miles and miles on my bike, ready for the adventure, ready to see what I will see and what I will experience. My bike, Pegasus, is ready, too– new wheel set, tires and handle bar tape.  Have new helmet, rear lights and prescription sunglasses–everything is ready to ride

What is not ready, is being ready to be on the road for 8 weeks.  Have a long to do list, that I have been generating that covers everything from my cat, Jenny, my home and my business life.  Need to stop writing the list and start executing on the items and crossing things off.  A bit freaked, today.  I’m sure you know that feeling when you’ve been procrastinating… I’ve got that in spades, today.

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See you on the road–off to work on that to do list!

5 thoughts on “14 days until the start…training ride in Holliser, CA

  1. Rode the Hollister Hills for the first time this week! A great route that Bruce Dau led! I wish you the best both on your journey and your procrastinated preparations! Can’t wait to see your journey! Have a blast!

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  2. And you sat and peddled as I reved it up you stayed. I reved again, you stayed. When I finally kicked that big big gear you were still there. 2O mph steady state, 25 mph head winds. Susan my friend you are one strong lady and we have so much fun riding together!


  3. Susan, Love the relive feature. So cool. Keep it coming during your whole Route 66 journey. I am looking forward to all the updates and particularly, the pictures.


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