I’m On My Way to Chicago

The bike is in the box!

I’m on my way to Chicago to start my 5th USA cross country trip.  This time I am riding Route 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica.  I start pedaling on April 28th and end 51 days later in Santa Monica.

I like to pedal, obviously, and I also like writing this blog and update it almost daily.  For those that are so inclined, you can click on “follow” on the left hand side, enter your email and you will be notified whenever I provide an update. There is a “Map!” link, also, on the left that you can click on to see my route progress updated daily.  It is interactive and you can see where I am, where I’ve been and where I am going.  You can also reach me through my blog and make comments.  I truly enjoy and appreciate hearing from everyone as I cycling.IMG_2350

My cross country trips always begin by placing my bicycle in its box.  I ride a titanium road bike that has couplers on the frame so it can be taken apart and fit into a hard shell standard size suitcase.  The allows me to take it on an airplane without paying special handling fees for a bicycle.  If asked, I say it is a musical instrument.  I’m prepared to say it is an accordion, but frankly I have never been asked.  This might be the time!

I only take my bike apart once a year, or so, and this time it finally got easier to disassemble, prep it and then do the 3D-jigsaw puzzle of inserting it into the box.  Fingers crossed the assembly goes as smooth!

IMG_2334No great adventure is done alone and mine is no exception.  I’ve had great support from  Maverick Fitness 

If you need a great trainer in Santa Cruz, I highly recommend Rock.  He helped me work on core strength, flexibility and my balance–all good things for a long long bike ride!  I feel more than ready.

And another great supporter is my sister, Amy, who helped me train by riding with me on my recovery rides.

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And now, for some background on Route 66

Route 66 is one of the first highways in the USA and has been referred to as the Main Street of America.  It starts in Chicago and heads southwest through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before ending on the beach in Santa Monica, Ca.  My cycling adventure is sponsored by Womantours, who provide all the logistics, and we stay in hotels with dry, warm beds and hot showers every night.  There are 20 of us women who will be cycling together.  I know about half the group from my previous cross country adventures.  And, for those who have followed me before, Robin and I will be riding together, again.  Big yeah!

As further background, Route 66  became popular among truck drivers once it was officially established in 1926. Since the Dust Bowl years of the 1930s, it also became popular among families looking for better jobs in California. When interstates started taking over much of its traffic in the 1960s and 1970s, pieces of it were commandeered for other routes, and it was officially decommissioned as a route in 1985.

Since then, Route 66 has experienced a revival. Various sections of the road are now on the National Register of Historic Places and listed as Scenic Byways.  It is also Adventure Cycling’s newest cross-country route.

3 thoughts on “I’m On My Way to Chicago

  1. Hi Susan – Very best wishes for your cross-country bike ride from Chicago. Looking forward to your posts during your ride. More later, Gopal


  2. Hi Susan , I’m excited to follow your ride..( im caught up on your last few posts , im ready to roll..read !! ).
    Ive been following Shelly on her Coast to Coast ride ( May 3rd finish in St Augustine , Fl )
    Enjoy the ride..Sue


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