In Chicago, Bike Together!

Arrived in Chicago last night.  Stayed up late and re-assembled my bike.  It came together without a hitch, well almost.  I had to rework the attach points of my rear rack as they were interfering with my rear brake mechanism.  Never had that problem before and it makes no sense that it would interfere, now, but nonetheless I was able to fix it with the tools I had.  Went on a short shake down ride, today, and all is good.  My bike is riding like a dream, just like it should.  Went for a spin Lake Front Drive along Lake Michigan.  Was it ever windy!  Was a bit uncomfortable on the lake trail because the lake overflows onto the trail in many places.

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M4O1kMGMQ6O1nJdYjcAbvAIt is colder than I am use to in Chicago, about 42 deg today.  Took a highly recommended architectural boat tour late in the day but had to bundle up.  Tour was excellent, learned much about the buildings and the waves of construction and styles of buildings that were built.  Also heard lots of architects names that I will never remember.  sigh.

More sightseeing planned for tomorrow.

Great view of the Willis Tower

3 thoughts on “In Chicago, Bike Together!

  1. Yeah Suz! Bit chilly here on the East side too with plenty of rain thrown in. Happy you engineered the bike back into place and of course test rode it, sensible girl! Glad all is going well. Any little jaunts tomorrow or just siteseeing?


  2. There’s still a few places here with snow on the ground. And yes it’s a bit chilly but warming up for the weekend. Glad you did a little spin on your bike. Enjoy today.


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