First 50 miles, 2450 miles to go!


Today started with breakfast at 7a, luggage in the van by 8a, on the bike leaving the hotel by 830, group photo at the big fountain in Grant Park by 9a and we were off.   Left Chicago quickly via the bike trail on the lake and turned back to this view.


It was cold through the morning and then warmed up to the high 50s.  I switched out my long finger gloves and proceeded to drop one as I put it in my rear trunk bag.  Somewhere along the trail along Lake Michigan is my other glove.  Not going back to get it!   And, I’m keeping this one, why?

Today’s ride was not on Route 66.  That starts tomorrow–yippee.  To get out of the busy Chicago area we rode on many different rail trails throughout the day.  We got lost a handful of times and wound up doing some extra credit mileage before we found our way to the hotel.  Besides rail trails, much of the day was through industrial areas and small neighborhoods.  We got trapped for a train for nearly 30 minutes in a not very scenic locale.


It wasn’t the most scenic day, but it was great to be out on the bike starting  to fall into the easy rhythm of riding with Robin.  At one point as we traversed some woods, I commented to Robin that it was all starting to look the same.  She chuckled and said “Already?  Just wait until you get to the cornfields!



Click below to watch a ‘relive’ of my ride.

Relive ‘Morning Apr 29th’



2 thoughts on “First 50 miles, 2450 miles to go!

  1. I’m sure I saw your glove along the lakefront. Certainly looks like a circuitous route, but probably/hopefully a safe one to get out of Chicago. Great to see you on Thursday and Friday! Bike safe.


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