80 miles into the wind, 2370 miles to go

OMG, 80 miles, today, flat as a pancake and 25 mph direct on headwinds.  A few looney tune, historic, kitchy types of thing to see in the small towns along the way, then 7 or 8 miles of headwinds to the next.  I am pooped.  Robin and I shared 3 mile pulls and towards the end we had to pull over ever 2 miles.  It was brutal…and fun and rewarding in a way that only a long distance cyclist can appreciate.  We have tough winds for the next three days due to atmospheric conditions causing the winds to come from the South–just the way we are going.

At one point, we stopped to grab some chocolate milk and eat our lunch in the shade at a mini-mart.  I told Robin I had spent the last 5 miles pedaling into this crazy headwind wondering if the wind would die down in the afternoon.  She said “Nope.  This is the prairie, women in the pioneer days would go crazy from the howling winds all day and night when the men were away on their hunting expeditions.”  Surprised, I asked “This is considered the ‘prairie’ ?”.  Without missing a beat Robin said, “Look around, have you seen a single hill all day?”.  Nope,  we are on the prairie.

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4 thoughts on “80 miles into the wind, 2370 miles to go

  1. You prepped well for this day on our 35mph gusts in Livermore in December! My family (and I) were born in the Missouri prairie! Looks like you have found some gems in the small towns! Have fun!


  2. I don’t envy you at all riding in the wind all day.
    Surgery went well. Had post op appointment today. Doc said everything looks good.


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