More Wind…2332 Miles to Go

Today was windier than yesterday, but the mileage was shorter.  Thank God for small things.  We added a new friend to our pace line which really helped.  We came upon Aleta at 11 miles or so and she was riding by herself.  As we hung out for a moment in 15 mph winds gusting to 29mph, she said to me with a sly smile, “This day just could not get any better could it?”.  There was something about her sense of humor I liked instantly so when she asked to come with us, we didn’t hesitate.  When Robin and I ride in a pace line, we share the work 50%.  When we add a third rider, we rotate who is on front and each do 30% of the work.  This is a huge savings over the course of a very tough challenging windy day.  Still managed to find interesting things to see and photograph.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow we head to Springfield, capital of Illinois, and a well deserved day off.  Yes the wind persists, but we’re told to expect a little less wind  I’ll be grateful if this happens!  Pedaling on through this tough challenge.  As a final note, as I pedal into day 4, I am definitely getting stronger both mentally and physically.


2 thoughts on “More Wind…2332 Miles to Go

  1. Yeah Sus! You are mentally and physically strong already, just gets better my friend. I’m telling you, you will be seriously pulling me on your return.
    We have wind too, yeah, but we want it! Two kite sessions today with some serious wind predicted for the next couple of days.
    Riding with you girls in spirit💕

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  2. According to our weather Chanel Chicago on May 2 nd had a micro burst of wind that damaged buildings. If you were out there braving the wind storms kudos to you Susan!


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