More Wind–is this getting tiresome? 2264 miles to go

Another warm day yesterday into a headwind nearing 20 – 25 mph.  It was a slog.  What gets to me the most is the sound of the wind.  At one point, yesterday, we rode beside a railroad track that was on a raised berm which blocked out the wind.  For almost 5 miles, it was quiet and there was no wind.  Our speed nearly doubled and I remember with joy and glee how great it feels to ride a bike.  Then, back to the headwind and the slog.  Robin and I were trading off with 1 mile pulls.  Inch by inch, we covered the mileage.  Mid-day our goal was a cafe in Atlanta, Illinois, renown for its pies.  We ordered the blackberry pie and it was inedible.  Back on the bikes and into the wind!

Somewhere during the last three days my feet decided to feel like they are on fire after 10 miles into the ride.  By the end of the day, I would need to get out of the pedals nearly ever 3 miles to give my feet a break.  It made for slow going.  I’ve had the day off in Springfield, Illinois to recover more.  Whew.  Over the last days I have been tweeking my position on my bike  to see if I can get this foot pain to go away.  So far, I have raised my saddle and tipped it up to get the pressure off my feet–helped a little.  Today, I replaced the insert in my shoes and moved my cleats forward just a little–tomorrow will tell.  The position on the bicycle in flat headwind conditions is brutal and unrelenting and we’ve been doing this for over 200 miles.  It is just continual pedaling with never a chance to coast.  The winds are predicted to be a tailwind, for tomorrow.  Please let this be true!

On to more pleasant things…Springfield is the state capital of Illinois and famous for its association with President Lincoln.  There is a fabulous museum and Capital building.  We even sat in the gallery as the Illinois State Senate was in sessions.  Sad to say, not much was going on and it was very chaotic.

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3 thoughts on “More Wind–is this getting tiresome? 2264 miles to go

  1. Hang on in there, you are powerful and strong and the wind is just testing your mental capabilities as much as your physical xxx


  2. If you haven’t tried it yet, try an insole with a ‘metatarsal button’. That has helped some of Bill’s friends who have been plagued with hot feet. Best of luck!!


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