1970 Miles to Go, Tough Day to Lebanon, MO

I struggled, today.  I’ve had issues with allergies for the past two days.  The pollen count in Missouri is supposedly at record levels this year.  I can agree.  I live by the ocean and we have very few high pollen days and I rarely suffer from allergies like this.  But here in Missouri, it has been brutal.  At one point I was sneezing so much, while riding my bike in front of Robin that she complained I was getting her wet!  That’s a lot of sneezing.  I haven’t been sleeping well–see above sad story about allergies!  I’ve started taking Claritin, trying Zyrtec, now, and we’ll see.  In short, I just felt only about 80% today, not able to get a full breath.  And,  yet, we pressed on rode 50 miles.

The Missouri country side is beautiful, green rolling hills.  We had a brief spell of rain and then thunderstorms rolled through.  We were able to take shelter until the rain subsided.  Some of the sites along Route 66 are fascinating and yet there is a lot of abandoned old gas stations, buildings, cafe and motels that have seen much better days. Lots of sad places.  The cafes and motels that remain are in the middle of a resurgence and revival.  One of the cafes making a revival is the Historic Wrinks Market in Lebanon, Mo.  We met the owner who told us the market was started by her grandfather in the 50’s.  She would come up and visit as a child, and now she’s owner giving it a go.  We had a great lunch there.  We wish her the best of success.

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