1915 Miles to Go, Day off in Springfield, Mo

Had a great day riding to Springfield, Mo.  And, we are nearly across all of Mo.   Pollen county is down, Zyrtec is working, have a day off.  Life in the bike bubble is good.  Oklahoma is next.

Ran into an old friend, Judi, in Springfield.  She’s a former epic rider from the Atlantic Coast journey.  Great to see you Judy.  After completing nearly 600 miles, many of our bikes need slight adjustments.  Robin and I went to a great bike shop 1 mile from our hotel.  We each got our bikes checked out, some slight adjustments were made and now things are working like perfection.  The way I like it!  I’m spending the day relaxing and then some of us are going off to do an ‘escape room’.  That’s where–for an hour– the group is in a locked room and needs to figure out clues to escape from the room.  Suppose to be a great bonding experience.  We’ll see!  ahem.  Our last day in Missouri, tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “1915 Miles to Go, Day off in Springfield, Mo

    1. Patty is a great cook, she did the cooking halfway for us on the Underground. Like riding your blog and seeing your pictures too. You go girl!


  1. I am glad that you took a day off on my birthday (May 11) in the state I was born in (Missouri). If you had stopped in Columbia instead, the mayor is Brian Treece!


  2. Happy Birthday, Brian! I assume the mayor is a relative?? Missouri has been a welcome change from the flat dry land of southern Illinois. C U before you know it! almost 600 miles done!


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