1838 Miles to Go, In the Missouri Prairie

Today’s 80 mile ride:

Relive ‘To Carthage Mo’

We left the Ozark Mountains, today.  I never really realized I was in them.  Yes, there were rolling hills, and lots of up and down all day long, but mountains?  Seriously?  Come to the West!

And now we’re in the prairies of Missouri.  Farmland, wheat fields, cattle, horses, donkeys and chicken farms.  Amongst all this, we were chased by multiple dogs, today.  Robin has a whistle, which she amazingly was able to blow while being chased, yet it did little to deter the chasing animal.  I prefer, my stern yell “Go Home”, followed by “Call Your Dog”, when I see the owner/person in the yard watching the animal chase us and doing nothing.  Another, Seriously?

We had one gal leave the group, today.  Her knees couldn’t take it.  Sobering reminder that I am grateful for my health and physical stamina to ride day in day out, and to say nothing about the mental focus I have to think all of this is fun.  We’re two weeks in, and I felt very powerful riding today.  I’ll take it!  Allergies and foot issues appear to be behind me.  Fingers crossed.

Some of the small towns and even many intersections along Route 66 appear frozen in time.  The old cars looks like they were parked and abandoned in the 50’s.  The signs for gas at 12 and 15 cents are from another era.  The lowest gas price I remember was gas at 32 cents a gasoline.  I was a kid and in a car with my Uncle Joe filling up the car and he was incensed at the price.

We finished in Carthage, Mo, which has the distinction of being the site of the Battle of Carthage the first official engagement of the Civil War  on July 5, 1861.  The county courthouse is a spectacular building  constructed with local Carthage marble and has medieval castle features that include turrets, towers and arches,  It is the second most photographed building in Missouri.  Wonder what the first is?

Tomorrow we leave Missouri, and travel thru Kansas–only 13 miles of Route 66 there and wind up in Oklahoma.  Until then.

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One thought on “1838 Miles to Go, In the Missouri Prairie

  1. Hi Susan – Great journey and wonderful photos. Good to see that you are keeping your energy and enthusiasm at a very high level. That is wonderful. Gopal


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