1787 to Go, Missouri to Kansas to Oklahoma in One Day!

We were in three states, today.  Left Missouri this morning and traversed just a little piece of Kansas and then on to Oklahoma.  There are only 13 miles of Route 66 in Kansas, and they make the most of it.  First, we went to Galena, KS, which was the largest mining operation in the US in the late 1920’s.  They mined Zinc and Lead there.  Outside of town are huge piles (I hesitate to say mountains) of mine tailings from the mines.

Next, was Joplin.  Claim to fame in Joplin is the actual pickup truck that one of the characters in the movie “Cars” was based on.  It is sitting at an old restored gas station.  How did the movie happen? Some movie related person is riding Route 66 and sees this old pickup truck parked in a restored 1950’s gas station and thinks, “I’ll write a script and make a movie about this car”?  In Kansas we crossed one of the remaining concrete arch bridges.  It is one lane, only, as the highways, then, were significantly narrower than our roads today.  And then we left Kansas for Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, our dreaded friend (not) the 20+ mph headwind returned.  It was then a 20 miles slog to get to our hotel.  But, we made it, safe and sound.  Only got chased by one dog, who sprang out of no where, silently–bastard– and was on my heels before I knew it.  I was able to sprint away, as was Robin.  We almost ran over a snake, too!  Exciting wildlife day.

It as gotten quite warm, and not to worry, I’m well prepared with water, electrolyte and experienced riding in these tough conditions.  So is Robin, so we make a good team.  I could not do this without her!

Relive ‘Morning May 13th’


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