1495 Miles to Go, Almost through Oklahoma

Today it felt like we finally got to The West.  We’re still in Oklahoma for one more day, but we are the western portion of the state–but not the little handle piece.  We’ve covered just over 1000 miles, but not yet half way.  When I get on my bike in the morning, my body loves it and feels so comfortable to be riding.  Everything, mind, body and spirit have settled in to riding day in day out.  We are on an 8 day in a row stretch, with the 8th day occurring, tomorrow.  For today, we traversed ridge after ridge.  Once up top of the ridge, the views and vista’s are wide.  We can see forever in all directions.  The humidity is down.  I like it.  It feels expansive, it feels open, it feels like opportunity and somewhere I like being.  Glad to be going further west–to my home.

We’ve seen the next bunch of stuff on “The Mother Road”:  kitchy gas stations, iconic old bridges, diners, local museums, lots of wheat fields, oil fields and cows and horses,  We also went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  A spectacularly done interpretive museum/memorial that puts you right into the events of the day of the bombing in 1995.  Hard to believe it was so long ago.  It is reported as the first internal terrorist event in US history.  168 dead, adults and children.  Very sobering that so much violence against innocent people still goes on.  There is hardly a day in the news that doesn’t include such violence.

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5 thoughts on “1495 Miles to Go, Almost through Oklahoma

  1. The committee that managed the New York World Trade Center Memorial were inspired by the great job that Oklahoma City did and they were pressured to “get it right” like OKC. Have not seen OKC memorial, but NYWTC memorial was most impressive! Midwestern states are BIG, huh?


    1. OKC Memorial definitely worth the visit, but bring hankies. So sad and sobering. Midwest state are big, when you go across the long ways! Fortunately we
      go across the Texas panhandle–the shortest part!


  2. What a great journey.
    Also wanted to it was a pleasure meeting and having you ladies at our LaQuinta here in Elk City. May you all have a safe and blessed rest of your trip.


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