1347 Miles to Go, Chased by Dogs, a Very Funky Motel and Almost across Texas Panhandle

We’re in Texas!  Yeah.  And, immediately the road changed to chip seal.  Yuk.  It’s a cheap way to pave rural roads.  Unfortunately, the surface is so rough that the vibration transmits right through the bike frame into our feet, hands, and butts.  Tire friction and rolling resistance increases.  Instantly our speed is reduced by 2 -3 mph.  But, we have open vistas and views.  We’re in Texas!

Midway through the ride, Robin and I noticed a fellow rider, a quarter mile ahead, being chased by a dog as she went over a freeway overpass.  We stopped. Robin pulled out her whistle, we discussed strategy and we pressed on.  As we approached the overpass, we noticed the dog was part of a pack, and 5 dogs took off to chase us.  Adrenalin up!  I was slightly ahead and watched a dog about to reach Robin.  While pedaling away from the dogs,  she turned and faced the lead attacker, and ferociously spit/blew into her whistle.  A piercing sound was emitted as well as an invisible energy beam that appeared to hit the dog right between the eyes.  Stunned, it stopped.  We rode away.

Our hotel for the evening was a significantly disappointing remodeled 1950s motel.  Apparently there were limited options for lodging in the little town of Shamrock, Tx.   Several new coats of paint had been applied but the plumbing was lacking,  While in the middle of showering and shampooing my hair the water ceased.  I attempted to turned the dial and the shower handle came off in my hand.  What to do?  Covered in shampoo and soap, I called for my roommate to get the small plastic motel room ice bucket and help me rinse my hair in the sink–assuming it had water.  Yes, the sink water worked.  However, while my roommate helped me rinse my hair in the sink, I felt dirt and grit in my hair.  We stopped and noticed the water from the sink faucet was spewing red/yellow sand and sediment.  Ugh.  That’s probably what clogged the shower plumbing.  Double ugh.  Threw on some clothes, took the detached shower handle and went off to the office to demand a new room.  After debunking the owner’s cock-and-bull story of a new water heater causing the sediment and that it would clear up soon, we were given a new room in a new section of the motel.  Took a second shower, all is well.  I won’t even give details on the ‘free’ breakfast.  As we left town the next morning, we passed a Holiday Inn Express!  Seriously!

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3 thoughts on “1347 Miles to Go, Chased by Dogs, a Very Funky Motel and Almost across Texas Panhandle

  1. Love the photos. Some days, the pictures come through, sometimes not! I’m glad Robin’s whistle worked. A pack of five, NOT GOOD.


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