1227 Miles to Go, Half Way and New Mexico

Today had a lot going for it:  80 miles, the half way point, left Texas (!) and entered New Mexico.  The terrain changed from endless fields and chip sealed roads, to wide open views and smooth road surface.  In addition, we had nearly 20 miles on the Interstate, I40.  I know this sounds terrible, but the interstate was great.  It has a solid rumble strip, wide shoulders, great road surface, clean and free of debris, traffic was respectful and the grades were gentle.

Early in the day we hit the half way point–halfway between Chicago and Santa Monica.  The road is physically marked with the half way point, along with signs, banners and flags.  This is route 66, the mother road, after all.  We are 3 1/2 weeks in and have the same amount of time remaining.  Whew hew!

We are in Tucumcari, NM.  There is a large mesa, Tucumcari Mountain, right outside of town, which was visible from 60 miles away.  It has been used as a navigation aid since the late 1700s.  In addition, excavations of the mesa revealed that the soil is from the Jurassic era and numerous dinosaur fossils, bones and artifacts have been found in the area.  As a result, Tucumcari has a great dinosaur museum.

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