1017 Miles to Go, Santa Fe!

We are climbing!  We summited Glorieta Pass at 7500 ft and then rolled mostly downhill into Santa Fe for a well deserved rest day.  As we climbed and descended, we were literally in a George O’Keefe landscape painting,  This should continue for several more days as we traverse New Mexico. After seeing her artwork in the Santa Fe Museum and her interpretation of the landscape, I am going to see if I can view the landscape differently, tomorrow, more simple in shape, form and color.  We’ll see.

Of course, once in Santa Fe, we went to the museum, took care of bike maintenance, had fabulous farm to table mexican food, drank good wine, explored the old town, got  massages and in general, relaxed.

I bought a magnet with a quote by Georgia O’Keefe that sums up how I feel about this and other epic bike adventures as well as many of the things I’ve done throughout my life.  “The love of accomplishment is my true reward”.

We have 16 riding days remaining until we reach the pier in Santa Monica.  Onward!

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5 thoughts on “1017 Miles to Go, Santa Fe!

  1. Hey Susana – You are looking good and progressing well. Great photos, please keep them coming along with you new/improved perceptions of the countryside. Amazing climb to 7K+ feet. Wow! One has to love the downhill side, ?verdad?


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