864 Miles to Go, Another Hot Day in the NM Desert

It is arid, hot, beautiful and interesting crossing the New Mexico desert.  The scenery continually changes, from red rock mesas and cliffs, to yellow sandstone escarpment  and finally today to lava rock fields.  Much of what we have crossed is Indian land.  It is barren, dry and I would suspect a difficult place to live.  It feels extremely inhospitable.  There are few to no services, stores, towns or civilization of any kind.  I don’t know how people live out here.  And, this is the land that was given to the Indian nations.  It feels shameful.

We’ve traveled over 1600 miles and have been on the road for 34 days.  To be honest, I’m a bit weary.  Incredible strong and healthy, but weary.  My support team is encouraging me to just power through the next couple of days, just get on my bike and ride.  So, that is what I am going to do, just as I have for the last 4 1/2 weeks.  I do love riding my bike, so that is what I will do, this is what I am here for.  This is the goal I am after.

We have  a long day tomorrow, 100 miles, but the winds appears to be quite favorable for us, but the day will be hot and long.  We have a very early start and are planning to be on the road by 630a.  Within the first 30 miles we climb over the continental divide–a significant milestone.  I am looking forward to that.  More later…

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2 thoughts on “864 Miles to Go, Another Hot Day in the NM Desert

  1. Wish you well on your Century in the NM Desert! That will be quite an accomplishment and especially over the Continental Divide! The country is very beautiful and worth every mile you travel by bike!


  2. Hang in there.  Weather in Sacramento has been so bizarre.  Upper 90’s on Tuesday, dropped over 20 degrees on Wednesday and windy and still cooler on Thursday but up to low 90’s today and nearly 100 this weekend!!!You’re headin’ home now👍🏼

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