543 Miles to Go–Another Hot Day Slogging it out on I40

Left Winslow, Az and climbed all day up to Flagstaff.  Our hotel in Winslow was stunning, and I’ve included a few photo’s of the place.

The ride up to Flagstaff was almost entirely on I40.  It was hot and dusty, and of course with a strong headwind.  The group had many flats from the road debris on the interstate.  Fortunately, neither Robin nor I had flats.  There were no services on the road–no convenience stores which means no bathrooms.  Fortunately, we were  able to find a few small tumble weed bushes along the way to use as cover for our “green door” needs during the day–on the Interstate!  Our treat when we got to Flagstaff was that there were 4 dozen chocolate covered strawberries from a dear friend and former riding partner from the Southern Tier in 2009, Liz, and her partner waiting for us.  The strawberries were sent shipped with ice packs so they arrived in perfect chilled condition.  Thank you Liz and Mary Kay!

Day off in Flagstaff today.  So far, I’ve had breakfast, did some laundry, cleaned my bike, taken a nap and plan to go see a matinee, then more rest, dinner and sleep.  The cumulative mileage of nearly 2000 miles is definitely adding up.  10 more days.  Yes, I’m counting!!!

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3 thoughts on “543 Miles to Go–Another Hot Day Slogging it out on I40

  1. Too cool! You have done something that I always wanted to do: Stand on the corner in Winslow, AZ. And you did it the very hard way, via bicycle. Just a historical note on “Take it Easy”, by the Eagles: they wrote it in a diner located in Flagstaff, AZ, where you are today. Please keep those great photos coming.


  2. Yea, for Liz and Mary Kay! What a lovely surprise. The trip is winding down rapidly and I imagine a number of the women are looking forward peddling into Santa Monica. It sounds like it has been another good, but challenging ride. I”m pleased that you and Robin we’re, once again, there to encourage each other. Are you checking out another tour? I know you and Amy have France coming up. That’s exciting.
    Be safe the rest if the trip.


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