120 Miles to Go! Almost there

Today I moved closer and closer to the cool ocean climate I love with every pedal stroke.  I am sitting in my hotel, 11 miles from the top of El Cajon Pass which is the gateway to Southern Ca and the LA basin.  We started seeing green–trees, bushes, vegetation–and civilization, homes and businesses.

As a final goodbye to the desert, we were tortured with 30 mph headwinds for the last 8 miles.  Ugh  I was in one of my lowest gears barely moving thinking, keep going, this will be the last time in my life, I will EVER ride into a headwind so strong.  Inch by inch we covered the ground and arrived at our hotel.

Tomorrow, there is only one road over the pass, and it is Interstate 15!  Yes,  we are going to be riding 7 miles on I15.  It is at least 5 lanes of traffic in each direction. I’m excited to ride it!  We will be on the shoulder, of course.

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2 thoughts on “120 Miles to Go! Almost there

  1. After rereading the last Santa Cruz RoadRunner including the club short about you,I am now reading your blog for the first time as you near the end of your incredible journey. I’m loving this honest and gritty narrative of the agony and ecstasy of the daily riding.
    I bow with helmet in hand to you.


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