50 Miles to Go! Tomorrow is it!

Left the desert, but not before it dealt one final brutal hand.  Our first 10 miles, today, were into a 30 mph headwind.  I kid you not .  We left at 630a, wham, into the wind, plus a gradual climb up to the top of El Cajon pass.  I was in my near smallest climbing gear plugging away.  Did I mention the road surface was horrible.  It was a gruesome 10 miles.  Nothing to do but dig deep and press on.

Then, we proceeded over the pass.  We were on the interstate, I 15–exciting and exhilarating and dangerous.  Six miles later we exited the interstate and were in the cool coastal climate of Southern California. There were trees and civilization. It was lovely.

We traversed San Bernardino County on an amazing rail trail for almost 30 miles ending up in Glendora at the base of Mt Baldy.  Tomorrow is it–the conclusion of my 2400 mile ride of Route 66.  Route 66 concludes at the Santa Monica pier.  It’s been seven weeks and a long journey.  I’ve been giving some thought to highlights and lowlights, which I’ll pull together for my final post, tomorrow.

Suffice to say, today was a great day for a bike ride.

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2 thoughts on “50 Miles to Go! Tomorrow is it!

  1. Wow! An amazing ride! 30 MPH winds would have shut most riders down. Perseverance!!! I’m sad that I won’t be able to be at the Santa Monica pier to celebrate your arrival. Have one on me….I’m good for it later!!


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