Route 66 Complete!

I did it!  2400 miles. Seven weeks. 8 states.  What an accomplishment!   Who would’ve thought.

I think it will take me a couple weeks or so to process the entire thing.

Here are some highlights and low lights


  • Riding with Robin every mile.  We’d share the lead every other mile.  So, I led the even miles, and Robin led the odd miles, the ENTIRE way.  We’ve ridden together now, over 11,000 miles.  I don’t think I can even explain what this experience–the hardship, the joy– is like with my riding partner.  Robin, is simply the best.  She’s the kindest and strongest person I have ever met.
  • Seeing this country and experiencing the basic goodness of folks we have met along the way.   Ordinary people are GREAT.
  • Completing another 2400 miles on my bike and never doubting my physical ability to complete this.  I got this.
  • Making some new life long friends from this shared experience.
  • Being able to use my super power of being a great mechanic and flat fixer to help myself and other riders on the trip.
  • Being done!


  • Peeing on I40 somewhere in New Mexico with no bushes or coverage.  Had to go…
  • The never ending desert, heat, sad towns and wind
  • Questioning at times–too many–why I was here and doing this.

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8 thoughts on “Route 66 Complete!

  1. What more can I say…… Even though comments were short and infrequent, I read every post and looked at every photo. I traveled with you vicariously without the headwinds, Hills and HEAT! Missed being part of the adventure but have had my own, so guess it mind if evens out. Summer has been quiet but have managed to stay as busy as I wanted to be. WELCOME HOME! MISSIIN ACCOMPLISHED!


  2. Embrace every reason to be proud! You are a member of a very small club! It takes bravery to take on an adventure that you know ahead of time will be life changing!


  3. CONGRATULATIONS……even in CAPITAL letters just isn’t enough. What an amazing accomplishment. The bond, trust and enjoyment you have with Robin must be remarkable!! I enjoyed your daily story but taking the time to reflect on the high and low points was a good summary.


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